New URL for this blog

Due to the fact this URL was only ever meant to serve as a back up for my Tumblr, I’ve started a new worpress which has the complete blog.

I’ll continue to import my tumblr blog to the new url from here on in, for the benefit of people who use WordPress.


for the new followers: this blog is actually no longer active

Hi, I’ve just received numerous emails stating that a whole bunch of people have started following this blog because of my iGays post.

This blog was only ever used as a back up to my tumblr,

However, I’ve stopped blogging after two years because I’m focusing on other projects, and also because I found that there were way too many north American academics who were so devoid of their own ideas they were stealing mine and publishing them under their own names!

Anyways, if you want to see the full blog, go to the above address, however please note it is no longer updated.