Don’t be cheap, or feminine…

(in relation to the slut-shaming comment below, made by a great blogger btw, I just want to clarify I do not advocate slut-shaming. Shag as many people as you like as often as you want – its natural and all good to me. I’m merely pointing out to this douchebag the hypocrisy of his own slut-shaming comments made in his profile, followed by a cock-shot. As most of us already know, it’s usually what these ignorant douches hate in themselves that they attack in others, which is precisely what I think this guy was doing.)

Racist Homophobe of the Week (possibly of the century)

This one goes out to all those people who think I should approach these racist homophobic gay guys in a softer manner.

As you can see, the reaction is IDENTICAL to the reaction I get when I am more forceful – namely, they react like the absolute ignorant animals they truly are.

This guy uses the same tired old excuses for his internalised homophobia and racism as all the rest: I’m just stating a preference, if you don’t like it block, why don’t you shut the fuck up, etc etc VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT.

Fact: this guy wouldn’t be free to practice his homosexuality without all the femmes and queens he hates in the first place.
Fact: this guy has absolutely no regard for other races, or how his disgusting language affects them.
Fact: This guy, thanks to our crappy society, hates himself for being gay, which is his ONLY motivation for ragging on “femmes” in the first place.
Fact: I am not shaming this guy, because he shames himself with his ignorant language and behaviour.
Fact: If Grindr vetted this sort of language, he would have recevied a clear message that it is unacceptable, and would be forced to change it without this unnecessary process.