Gay School 101


Here you will learn that being gay is not just about the physical act of non-heterosexual sex and attraction. It’s about raising your consciousness to whole new level of being, where you celebrate your unique, vibrant, diverse culture free from the judgment and shame of the heteronormative world.

At Gay School, you will learn why it is so important to shed the internalised homophobia we have all been conditioned towards since early childhood. You will learn why statements such as STRAIGHT ACTING, NO FEMMES, NO GIRLY GUYS, NO QUEENS, NO ASIANS, NO BLACKS, NO INDIANS, NO RICE, NO CURRY, NO LATINOS etc are simply NOT ON.

Best of all, this course is FREE.

CHAPTER 1: Isn’t gay racism really just sexual preference? Aren’t you being a little harsh? I mean, most gay guys I know aren’t trying to be racist when they write NO ASIANS on their profiles, they are just trying to tell people what they like…You say I’m racist because I’m white and privileged, but I am not racist. I don’t even see colour. I’m just not attracted to Asians or Indians. Who the hell do you think you are calling me a racist.

CHAPTER 2: What’s wrong with the term “Straight Acting”? It’s just describing what I’m into. It’s just a sexual preference. I don’t understand why you think that term is homophobic. I’m gay! How can I be homophobic?! What is internalised homophobia?


  • Aren’t you taking this a little too seriously? I mean, its just Grindr…aren’t there more important things in the world to worry about?

The person who says this kind of statement is trying to trivialise the whole issue of racism and homophobia within the gay community. They are showing a disregard for how racism and homophobia make people feel. All this person ends up proving is how incapable they are of keeping up with you in the debate. They have nothing rational or on-topic to present, so they instead try to trivialise your arguments. Whenever someone uses this sort of statement, all you have to do is point out that their attempt to trivialise such serious issues as racism and homophobia reflects very poorly on them from a moral and ethical standpoint. You can also ask them why they felt the need to move the subject from racism and homophobia to whether or not your focus on this issue is trivial.